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Flaker Machine

Flaker Machine

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Description / Technical Specifications

In Guar-Gum industry, a Flaker is considered as a heart of the plant. It presses the hydrated split between two moving rolls and the split grains are elongated into flakes, which enables to stretch the fibers and makes them soft and easily grind-able and thereby helps to increase the viscosity of Guar-Gum and output of Ultrafine Pulveriser.

A Flaker is made of 2 or 4 rolls among which one side is stationary and the other single roll or two rolls are moving.

It is available with Hydraulic Power-Pack: a hydraulic system which generates the pressure by circulating oil from the oil-chamber and narrow conduits up to the plunger inside the cylinder and it can work in reverse direction too.

It continuously keeps the pressure on the rolls to provide optimum force on them to flake the split to a maximum extent.

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